Wednesday, April 22, 2009

BORED and other altered states

"I knew life had become a comedy when the Somali pirate's photograph was filled with the biggest smile ever. That's the guy who held the American Captain hostage and managed to get his close knit crew sniper shot."

So, my crazy handler (the firstlife idiot who finds things to do that don't include me) was thinking that crap above the other day and I was trying to get my handler to do something other then watch CNN, read the news, watch some dumb TV show. But no, sometimes my handler tries to exert his own mind. It's so frustrating.

You ever look at your handler in the mirror and say to yourself, "I could do better then this?"

I don't expect a lot from my handler.
-earn enough money to support my SecondLife
-find some casual clothes that don't look so atrocious when walking past the mirror
-do some exercise. Hell, I take care of myself in SecondLife. i expect my handler to do the same.
-learn how to turn off the cell phone when I'm busy
-stop making useless dates in firstlife that only take me away from my friends.
-find some better shoes
-learn how to manage the lighting so I don't feel a glare on my shoulders.

I would love to know some of your pet peeves about your handler.
-Does he/she embrass you when you go past a mirror?

And mine, some of the foods!!!!
-Why would you eat something spicy when it could interrupt my time later.
-I mean why would you eat anything with crumbs over the keyboard.
-And please don't forget the napkin (and I don't like paper. Get a cloth napkin. Paper is so noobie).
- Work on your bladder control. I don't have time for you to get up and pee every 30 minutes.

Oh well, I'm handler is trying to work. What a joke that is. I probably won't have enough money to go to Stilletto Moody, Maitreya, LeeZu, Emery, Cupcake sim, etc. Oh, and what a cheapskate. I was out the other night. Great musician. I wanted to give her 1,000 Lindens and my cheap handler only gave 100.

Yeah, my handler is boring me. How can I find a new one?


Skylar Smythe said...

My handler loves it when I cook dinner :)

Anonymous said...

My handler needs to floss more often! I have PERFECT teeth and never have to see the SLDentist.

Beams a smile
Lisa Launay

Geo Meek said...

Maybe time for a change, in the time it takes to log in things do.