Friday, May 8, 2009

What Did You do This Summer?

Summer is nearly here and many of you will be off in firstlife. Some visiting parents, friends. Some traveling to vacation spots. But one thing that has usually happened in the past. Many of you just wont be around as much.

And when you are away I'm sure you take pleasure in the joy of summer time in the Northern Hemisphere. Interestingly, activity from the Southern Hemisphere increases but not enough to offset us Northern folks.

What I'm curious about SecondLifer's is whether they do something in SL and then try in in FL? I mean those who did something in SL for the first time.

If you water skied in SecondLife will you try to waterski this summer in FirstLife?
What about dancing? Will you learn to Salsa?
If you read poetry, Will you find somewhere to read in FirstLife?
Builders do you take some of the experience into FirstLife?
Clothes designers. If SecondLife was the first time you ever designed clothing are you thinking of doing it in FirstLife.
Poll Dancers....are you going to strip dance this summer?
Multiple sex partners...are you going to in Fl?

Keep on truckin!!!


A. Starostin said...

Hi Lauren! *hugs* I'm gonna kick off this summer with my 2nd rezday, I'm working on my 7Seas hall of fame status and making machinima. In RL I will prolly do some stuffs too... *giggles* Oh btw, my blog has moved... I see you have an old link on your sidebar. My new one is

Josue Habana said...

In Second Life I've been mastering the art of flying in a straight line... but I was advised NOT to try that in RL. Shame really... it could have been fun.