Monday, February 16, 2009

Who's Behind Your Avie?

Have you ever spent time with the person behind your avie? Notice anything unusual?

Well, I think behind mine is a control freak. Also maybe a stalker. Always trying to manipulate me. Constantly watching my ass as I walk. Can you believe it? And, I wouldn't mind a little privacy while I'm changing.

I don't even know if the firstlife avie is laughing at my jokes. Does he have a job? What's his name? What does he want with me? Often I'm nervous because I am small and he could be dangerous. Even worst, what if he asked me out on a date? Has that ever happened to you? Have you gone out with your firstlife handler?

Amazing, my firstlife handler can see me but I can't see him. Even if I turn around I still can't see out of the screen to see what he's doing. What key is he punching? Is he going to cam on me? I want my freedom and I want it now.

And then, without even asking me, he logs me off. Puts me to sleep when I want to stay up. Heck, I don't need sleep. And sometimes I find my Lindens missing. I know how much I had and suddenly I have less. It is most annoying; especially when I'm out shopping and find a cute dress.

And I've remembered a few times when it seemed someone else was touching the mouse. I could feel it. The touch was different. Do you ever think your firstlife handler lets someone else manipulate you. Crap, Pinocchio was set free. When is my turn?

Also annoying is when he decides to do other things in firstlife and just lets me hang AFK while friends of mine are trying to talk with me. Or, perhaps they want to tp me somewhere very kewl and I can't go. What problems do you have? Have any of you managed to obtain your freedom? I want control of my life and I want it now. (oops, he's coming back. Dont' tell him I said anything please..ok?)


H. R. Starr said...


Who is front of my Ava? How come we cannot see our faces when we stand to talk, but if sit we can? Is that really my face?


Anonymous said...

Dear Lauren,
This is Lily Charleville. I am always wondering who has the need to change her outfit like every 30 mins!
Please answer... Oh no, not this outfit, I wore it yesterday!

Lily Charleville

Anonymous said...

oh! how dare they! Honey, if someone else touches your mouse just crash out! You can always blame it on the Linden's when you want to make up...

anmaerlice said...


I have several pet peeves, one being I am dancing my heart out to a great salsa, then the music changes to a wonderful slow song and hey doesn't my handler notice I’m still dancing fast when the music slowed down??? Have I been abandon to dance salsa for all music? Why is it alright for my handler to rummage thru my closet?? Those are my things yet each time I get in there something is moved or god forbid DELETED!!!!I just know I smell Chinese more times then I care to mention and when is the last time I was taken out to eat???? Is there a way to send a message in a bottle to this person who controls my life after all I have a to-do list too!!!

Anonymous said...

Me, same as in firstlife, just a little LESS of me around the middle