Friday, February 27, 2009

Pixel Sex

Do you remember your first time? You know, when you first came to SecondLife and learned about 'Sex Among the Prims?"

The first time you found yourself up against the pose balls, your heart beating quickly and your fingers typing shamelessly. Particle sweat dripping profusiously over your avatar's standard issue skin and you wondered at how simply terrific pixel sex is.

But, time has passed and you no longer find the thrill of the pixels emanating out of your fingers in firstlife and through the countless fiberoptic connections till arriving at your SecondLife body enraptured in the hot embrace only SecondLife sex balls can create.

Did you try something you hadn't even thought about in firstlife? Like the statue that could, the spider that would, wood horses and telling yourself you should try it tied up, clamped, hung?

Who was your first? Who did you think was your last? When did you realize the pose balls you wanted were more romantic or the ones he/she wanted were too pedantic?

Does sex for primatic procreation make you feel more worthy?

 And, men, did you feel the need to immediately go shopping for attachments? Did your first penis fit? Did you find yourself spending hours trying to adjust it? Possibly you ever rezzed it to the ground the first time and then you couldn't find it. Is that why so many of the noobies make sure they are big. A penis problem in both worlds, "accidental rez"

Then as firstlife sex transposes your secondlife sex have you said, "Tie me Up", "Spank Me", "I've done that in SecondLife so many times I want to do something new?"

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The Guerilla Poetess said...


I happen to be rather fond of exploratory sensual experiences. I think that anything that educates and stimulates is good.