Friday, February 6, 2009

Valentine Day Thoughts

My daughter asked me, " I don't have much to spend on my bf for Valentine's Day. Any suggestions?"

Here is my reply

But, a few things you can do, rent a movie he loves (and you too) and have movie night with popcorn etc. Buy a sappling (small tree) take a walk with him and plant it, saying it's your tree (meaning both of you) and 20 years from now you'll come back and see your tree together.

 Feb 14th is a Sunday. Go to church and then for pancakes. Make a list of 5 favorite happy places you have enjoyed when you were with him. Drive to them and then, at each one, tell him why this place has a special memory for you about him.

(but if he asks to marry you, bring him by so I beat him to death with the sappling and have my own memory spot.....joking)

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Anonymous said...

hmmm check your calendar?.. Feb. 14, 2009 is a Saturday... ?? [silly blonde...] hugs!