Saturday, January 3, 2009

Shaken - Not Stirred

What happens when lives collide? Back in September I made plans to go to England (that's in Firstlife) for a New Year's Eve party a friend of mine (SecondLife) was going to. In fact, two other SL'ers were suppose to be there too but (more on that later.)

Without the help of teleportation my Itinerary was:
Jan30th -10:45pm -Atlanta to London
Jan 31st -arrive London 12:15
Jan 2nd -depart London for Atlanta 1pm

So, my own episode of 48 hours. To protect the guilty I will give away no names but I can state emphatically don't be afraid to get out and meet some of your SecondLife friends in firstlife. You know i went to the convention in Tampa. Great time. Now, a small town outside London, Great time.

Anyhow, my friend picked me up at the airport. She was wearing a lovely sculptie jacket. I think ETD hair and Maitreya boots. We got into her fully scripted vehicle and headed out for a 2hr drive to her firstlife sim.

Now, you all complain about "Secondlife isn't working Mommy!" But, the hotel where we stayed, our room, was freezing cold (they don't turn heat on until you take the room.) [an aside to that, although the exit row in a plane has more leg room, the door seeps cold air and after 8 hours on board you'll know what winter in the 17th Century for the peasants must have been like] no heat.....the sign in the bathroom said, "Please shut door since steam from shower can set off the hotel fire alarm system." Turned on the shower and the only steam was me getting in and being even colder then the room and the hot vapors from my scream. The lights went out. And, neither of us cried, "FirstLife isn't working Daddy!"

Nope we trod on like the soliders from Dover to Dunkirk......but not to worry, New Year's Eve party was incredible. My SL friend's FL friends were simply terrific. This was not a fancy party (all the food was the same color gray...I waited hours for it to rez but never did). Like parties you've been to, as time moved on towards midnight, the floors became both slippery and sticky depending on who spilled what.

We danced (I brought my Sine Wave animations) and several sang (amazing this think called Karoke. The scripting is great). At midnight.....holding hands, some 30 of us sang Auld Lang Syne. It's a beautiful poem by Robert Burns (put to music).


As we finished,

A man knelt down...took his love's hand, a ring from his other hand and asked her to marry him.

What could be more romantic.

So, love all your friends....don't be afraid to be Shaken - Not Stirred...As to the other SecondLifers they did not make the party but another great friend from SL did show up at the airport and we sat and talked.

Take a chance on those you know in SecondLife.....they are worth all lives.


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