Sunday, January 11, 2009

What you did last Summer, Spring, Fall and Winter

I ate a lot and drank alot over the holidays and my waist is about to snap the waistband on this dress. Now I have to worry about getting ready for bikini weather.

Yikes, and that means getting a new bathing suit. Worrying about the other girls. Are they in shape? Will their bikini look better on them? Of course I have a tremendously hard task in that I have both the smallest tits and deepest voice of any of the girls in SL so you should understand how self-conscious that makes me.

My old bikini doesn’t fit anymore and even if it did it’s faded from the sun and water here in SecondLife.

Things that have me wondering this year.

I have a girlfriend who has been partnered at least 9 times last year and who knows how many lovers she's gotten down with. I just can’t keep up with how Matrix she is with, “He is the ONE” crap coming out of her mouth every other week. And she has the nerve to wear white to every one of these weddings. (and want presents. I regift stuff to her now)

Another friend has 7 alts and they’ve all partnered many times. I can’t even try to keep up with all that. Does she unzip her guy....look and think, “wasn’t that bigger last week?”

So, I decided to go to the SecondLife Hall of Records and check out the number of partnerships. (Yes, Mary, they do keep those records)

Did you know that on any given day there are 70,000 residents on-line and nearly 5,000 are getting partnered and lately 6,000 getting divorced? One couple (their name shall be anonymous, partnered and de-partnered 5 each other? I mean, what’s that all about?

And I also know a couple who partnered and then met in firstlife...had sex...broke up firstlife relationship and decided their marriage in SecondLife was better.

Sometimes it makes me stop and wonder if perhaps I’m all better now and can stop taking this digital medicine. Yes, SL is the new wonder drug for depression, loneliness, schizophrenia, gender disorientation, criminally insane (yes, many convicted convicts reside in SecondLife.

Some of you married them and simply thought when things went wrong....SIGH.....Men!.

Oh well, come to my new show on January 17th and another January 25th and find out how much about you I know. BTW, the SecondLife Hall of Records has all the video and audio files of every SL'er saved from the day he/she entered. The transcripts are hilarious.

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