Thursday, January 22, 2009

SecondLife True Lies

These are all true tales from SL

Story One - Drawn and Quartered

This gal is partnered to this guy in SecondLife but they haven't been together for a long time. She is currently with another guy who proposed to her but she told him she had given her promise to the first guy she would never unpartner.
Meanwhile the first guy is hooked up with some other gal who wants to marry him but he has told her he has given his word, to the other woman, he wouldn't departner.
Neither of them talk to each other anymore so there's nothing can be done...except complain to a mutual friend.
What is also unknown to both of them is their current unpartnered partner is involved with more then just them.

Story Two - Dominance Squared

A friend told me she was out dancing and a guy was hitting on her in IM.
 "He's a dom, and was dancing with his subbie. His FirstLife wife is SL wife, but she plays separately. He thought I maybe knew her, which I do. She - the FirstLife wife - describes herself as polyamorous in SecondLife, and is married in SecondLife to another guy who is sub and whom she cheats on (he doesn't know she's polyamoros nor does her FirstLife husband know this about her.) I am not making this up but they all seem happy"

Story Three  - A Man and A Woman

A man and a woman meet in SecondLife. Spend lots of time together and finally partner. Then they decide they should meet in FirstLife since they only live about 300 miles from each other and neither are married. So they Skype and other FirstLife things so they really know each other before they meet. Finally they meet in FirstLife....have good sex....spend time together and then each returns to their respective cities. They mutually decide they prefer their SecondLife partnership and will never meet again in FirstLife but will continue pixelated sex. (after writing this i got 4 emails asking me was I talking about them which I wasn't. Now I wonder how many has this happened too?)

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