Friday, October 10, 2008

When We Run Out Of Money

So, for those of us who had a little money and now have none we join our friends who have none and wanted some.

Now, let me first separate those of my friends who are in need of shelter, food, winter clothing. I do not suffer such but I drown in my tears when I realize your difficulties. Many forget how close some of their friends in SL are to poverty. I guess having a computer and a fast enough connection to the Internet would make the callous think, 'they have more then enough.' But, the computer and Internet are a necessity now and a safe haven for the soul.

For those of you with a bit more but have seen  both your small fortune diminish and the fear of the small financial security you managed to accumulate. To you, I say, it's going to be ok, if you look more to your soul then your purse.

But, let me take a stab at crap we've heard (this is American stuff, in case you are wondering what this all means) from leaders of our society. The idea that people could invest their own retirement money in the market and somehow be ok is one of the greatest lies ever told. A great society is contingent on all of the members to have the interest of the whole while the concepts in this country for the past years have been a free for all.

Why those congressmen on one side of the aisle thought all people could handle their finances including retirement is a sad state of stupidity. And those on the other side of the aisle felt that everyone should own a home at any price regardless of income are members of the dumb and dumber club. A president who said, "go shop" while we went to war was irresponsible and the Chairman of the Federal Reserve for abetting this nonsense.

Also, we now find out that no regulator, agency, financial leader anywhere in the world was worth the trust they were given.

And why do I write about this here? Because you who are reading this are the real strength of society. You are the ones who make a society good. And so, I also know, you all need a hug and to know it was not your fault and we will recover in a different way as a people. Perhaps for awhile we will find leaders who understand the morality of such a role.

(btw, do Congressmen, Presidents etc. have to take annual 'ethics' courses?)

See you SecondLife.................I think I don't need a new dress, shoes, jewelry...just you.

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Mister Crap said...

One for the show...

Companies used to pay to ring the opening bell on Wall Street.

Now, they're trying to pay to have it NOT ring.