Saturday, October 4, 2008

Being Broke and Borked in Both Worlds

Being broke in SecondLife is not terrible but then again not being able to go shopping in any world can bring a headache on faster then being asked to have sex with the unwashed. But what amazes me at the so critical time in the financial life of so many SL'ers is the spirit my friends retain despite incredible hardships in firstlife.

I mention this because i know all of you have SecondLife friends who are in serious financial, physical and or emotional trouble in firstlife. They want to talk with you (or me) because we are their friends and we are at a safe distance so they can release their feelings. I want to say to all of those who have come to me to confide these various issues; I am honored you find me to be so close that you share this intimacy. Intimacy is not all warm and cuddly. It includes the difficult as well. So, never feel you've exhausted your friendship because you have shared your difficulties. Instead realize you've only enhanced it.

Because of my commitments in both lives sometimes I have to stop short during a conversation. Fortunately my friends understand this but if anyone during a crisis really needs me to drop something and help I will.

It seems at this time everyone is beginning to fall into trouble. Financial is broiling everywhere, from layoffs, to divorce and support a family on your own, funds for health care. Money for gas. So many problems here and a sense of both urgency and despondency bring all sorts of emotional disruption. If you'd like to read a book on the depression of the 1930's which is actually a collection of wonderful stories. Read Studs Terkel's book "Hard Times". As long as we are healthy we will find a light at the end of that tunnel. It may not be a palatial estate but it will have shelter, food, clothes and love waiting with arms open.

For my dearest friends, some of whom are dying right now of cancer (yes many in SL have this disease) I cannot do much more then love you. My dear friend Steph explained it's a path,"I walk alone". Many have ailments not operable so they will remain in pain and agony for the rest of their lives. I myself have a small but still a reminder of the fragility of the body. Besides something a bit more disconcerting, my big left toe has Arthritis. It is never without pain. I think it's there to remind me of the greater pain my friends suffer.

And finally, Emotional.....this pain is so severe and debilitating. From spousal abuse (my god has any woman ever had a lifetime of not being physically abused by someone along the way.) Family members who deride their lives. Love affairs fallen by the wayside for so many reasons including affairs, see financial above. Holidays alone. Loneliness and for some depression itself.

I don't do depression. Tried it when I was young. Didn't like the taste so I have tried never to ingest again. Sometimes someone will make something with a bit of that ingredient baked in and it will take a day or so to get out of my system and then I won't let that person cook for me again.

But, the greatest reason for this blog is for all of you, no matter how you are feeling right now, to check on your friends and hug them tight. We all need each other and I think the next few years we may need each other more then ever. So don't ridicule anothers plight. Try to show the goodness I see in all of you to those you know need you now.

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