Monday, October 20, 2008

Laughter is not for Everyone

Have you told a joke you thought was funny and no one laughed? Or, a joke you thought was appropriate and you were told it was inappropriate?

Some of you are married or in very long term partnerships in firstlife. Have you started to tell a joke to a table surrounded by friends and your 'other' interrupts with, "How many times are you going to tell that joke?."

Well, I have a solution for you. Get a new partner. Get new friends. If no one is laughing when you think something is funny then these  "maybe" friends need to be recycled. Yes, they are just 'maybe' friends. True friends love you. They may tease you but they are also aware of the limitation of teasing and the omega of love and friendship. You are not the object of an insult but instead one of shared admirable love.

I find the concept that a man can't enjoy a 'chic flick' because it's a romantic comedy ridiculous. If the movie is funny and well done then of course he should enjoy it. If he doesn't it's because he's categorized what is inappropriate for a testosterone laugh and therefore thinks you are just a sex toy that needs to  be polished from time to time. If your man says, "Pull my finger," and thinks that is funny you had better wake up and make the decision he is a 'great sex toy' or decide this kind of humor makes you laugh. If you don't find either true, trade him in for a new model while you still have enough credit in your body to make the purchase.

Look, getting old with someone who doesn't find you funny is 'not funny'! It will probably end in the punch 'my ticket' of an early death . And, if not that then, definitely Alzheimer's. Life is a balancing act. Great Sex ^ Great Laughter = True Happiness. Great Sex ^No Laughter = Lots of Loneliness. No Sex ^ Great Laughter = Friend. No Sex ^ No Laughter = Not for Me.

So, take a look around, Laughter isn't for everyone but if it is for you, then don't settle for less. If they aren't going to laugh, the least we can do is leave them confused.

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Nicky said...

Great post and so true.

Any guy who has a bit of depth about them would be able to sit and laugh whilst watching a chick flick.

I have an image in my head that the type of guy who doesn't like Chick Flicks must be a big guy with a beer belly who doesn't wash, sit's on the sofa all day with his tinny's, probably in his not so white underwear, expecting his partner to cook his meal's whilst shouting at the football on the TV. Oh and he would be the type of guy who thought 'pull my finger' was funny. YAK!... deffo time to get a new partner if that's the case... lol