Sunday, March 23, 2008

Things I'd like to See

The 10 most important things I would like to see in an upgrade and hopefully they would work.

The perfect organizer of my inventory. Some amazing tool that would scan and let me delete which dupes I wanted to. Something that would open a different color for those things i've boxed. Slap my hand when i was about to delete something i'd need later. Put my better jewelry in pretty cases. Store my stockings without tearing them. Throw all those prim skirts that never fi me because I pigged out at some wedding.

2. A camera that wouldn't click crappy pictures (call Nikon please). Wouldn't accept terrible pictures friends send thinking they've captured a moment. The only they have done is make me question why I hang out with them.

3. A search engine that had any relative search return to what I input. I type in Lingerie and I get some reply (in ALL search) Cock boy available for parties.

4. All alt av's listed under the primary alt. I'm so tired of the same person in so many different alts still trying to get into my panties. The good thing, like that comcast phone commercial, they are still the same person.

5. The ability for members to mark ugly skyboxes for future deletions. (Perhaps after 100 the owner would get a notice of condemnation.

6. A thong that fit. Now I know I've asked for this for the past several updates but a girl must be optimistic. At least noobies should get a warning label with each pair

7. Pretty feet. Ok.....why pretty feet (and they are a bit better now then before)? Ha, if you need to know why you are not a girl.

8. A listing in EVENTS for LIVE COMEDY. Look, every time I go to list my show I see live music. What do they have that I don't deserve?

9. Happy Mentors. I must have 20 friends who are SL mentors. None of them seem very happy about this position. They can't wait to become one. Are so excited the first day they get to go to Mentor meetings and POOF....a few days later they sound like Paris Hilton on her way to jail or Brittany Spears on her way anywhere.

10. A bottle of red wine and candles at every tp landing spot. Just something to make the rezzing seem a bit more relaxed. If not wine then a bottle of Bailey's, Vodka Tonic, Chardonnay. Oh hell, a nice big doobie would be ok too. Just remember "Drugs may lead nowhere but at least it's the scenic route."

(ps edited a bit since I listen to you all


Rheta Shan said...

Oh, I'm so absolutely with you on that, though I'd advocate some nice red wine on item 10. As to 9, dealing with repetitive cluelessness of the « where can I find girls » type can do that, I guess.

Unknown said...

I so agree with you Rheta that I have added the bottle of wine and candles too.

Samantha Poindexter said...

More precisely, the eternal questions are "Are you a bot?" "What is the point of this game?" "How do I make money?" "Can I have some money?" "Why don't I have a penis?" "How can I have sex?" "Where can I have sex?" and "Let's have sex!"

Rheta Shan said...

Spoken like a true professional Samantha :). Actually, I moonlighted as a mentor quite involuntarily once when i got chatted up by a newbie. He was probably slightly less clueless and more decent than the average, considering your quotes :P, but I can't say it was the kind of experience I want to repeat in a serial fashion. Kudos to you for doing so.

Anonymous said...


Inventory organizer- I want that SO bad. I just sorted mine through on Valentines day and I need to go through it again I think.

They also DESPERATELY need to make groups for the friends list. I want to be able to separate my friends from my family from my dancers from the people that work the clubs that I dance at with Vie from Hardknock people. AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Skype, etc etc all do it... why can't SL?! Plus I have so many flipping alts (including my own) on my friends list it's not even funny.

I hope live comedy gets it's own category soon. It's becoming more and more popular so one can hope...

Ug, mentoring, I thought about doing it but I get peeved off just being in The Shelter that I probably couldn't handle mentoring. I do have a couple friends that love doing it though!

Great post yet again :P You crack me up!