Sunday, March 2, 2008

Moving First/Second/Third Life

Well, where have I been you ask? Or at least I hope you are thinking about me. I do think about you.

This past week has been a move in FirstLife which got me wondering about moving in SecondLife and ThirdLife. We all know that we have to rez prims to put our crap into in first life. Apparently SecondLife isn't much different. Except the boxes (prim) are so heavy in FL and you have to tape them, number them and hope they arrive on the other side. (Which is a lot like SL inventory problems)

So, I boxed 69 prims in FL (I started laughing when I got to the last box and duly checked off 69). Then I lived in this mess for a few days before the move; eating like a rat in a cage. Any cracker, junk etc that did not need to be cooked was nutrition for three days. (Yeah, I couldn't just tp to my new land. Then again sometimes tp's don't work in SL)

I wondered at the amount of crap I had boxed that I don't need and thought about the amount of things I've boxed in SL that I no longer know if I need or not. They are boxed. I don't look at them anymore. Of if I could just do the same with so much of this. Why am I shipping lint? What possesses me to ship a nearly empty bottle of vinegar.

Finally, the morning of the move comes and the moving company, which must be run by Lindens since they arrived late, saying, "we are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused you and we will hope to make the rest of your move a happy one." I wanted to go down to the truck and see if Torley Linden was there.

Traveling by the archaic form of transport (automobile) making sure my gasoline money would be well spent on some unknown terrorist act, I proceed to my new land and tier. Then, I waited for the Linden Moving Company to come.

Well of course they were late. Apparently lunch lasts 2 1/2 hours if I'm paying for it. Eventually all the boxes ended up in rooms. Not all the in rooms the boxes were clearly marked to go. Nevertheless they are here now and so am I. We are both wondering whether the lint should be unpacked or not (more on moving later).

I have just learned my dear friend Patty1 Rosa (who left barely two weeks ago to Iraq on another tour of duty she didn't want to go on) has been injured. I don't know how severely but i do know she must be crying inside. She was fearful this would happen to her and so she didn't want to go. We tried to laugh and have fun the day she learned of her tour and every day until she left on February 18th. I said I could do a show for the troops and give out my pin-up pix. Now, I don't know how Patty1 is. At this moment I ask you all to reach into your hearts and send your strength and energy for her recovery. She is dearly loved in SecondLife and I find myself more then saddened. I find myself distraught.

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