Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Rearview of IN THE PINK

Letter on IN THE PINK post production:
(a SecondLife production, written, directed and performed at the Ivy Falls Theater Mar 8 and Mar 9 to support VDay.org

There are moments in your life you define as 'what is the best thing

I've ever done?' There are times in your life you call 'my most fun.'
There are spaces in time that are filled with the joy of friendship
and love. And then, very rarely there is a moment that becomes

My moment has been the last three months culminating in our production
this weekend of IN THE PINK. I imagine one day my grandchildren will
ask me about my different moments. They will look at my old, wrinkled
face wondering what wisdom I will impart.

A smile will turn my lips and a clear, strong, sound will come from my
tired body, "I want your attention," or perhaps "One Eskimo Pie
Please." Or, "When was that moment?" Then again my voice could sing
aloud, "Should I condense, distill, reduce my dreams, hopes, wishes,
ambitions, aptitudes, attitudes, emotions and motion into a garnished
dish you can serve to your friends."

Or some other phrase or word from our Production. The only thing I'm
sure of is by then I will have memorized our entire play.

My eyes will twinkle as the names, Lailu, Rosmairta, ToryLynn, Marin,
Persephone, Calliope, Morgue, Elyse, Lore, Mickie, Candi, Ada, Rowan,
Dousa, Rekka, Dakota sliding off my tongue as they look and wonder who
you all are. Were these the names of past love," I hear them ask each
other and my mind twirls the word 'love' and 'yes'....the small
electrical charge jumps in my brain signaling...yes...yes...love as
defined by the utmost supreme feeling of life itself.

Then, Pags, Upo and Harman.....the MEN......laughing now my head
rollicking, my grandchildren look wondering if I am having a seizure.
Names of writers known, Kimmi. Jessica, Sunnie, Cooty like a billiards
game and a multi-bank shot of names carom across my mind.

So, I never was sure what my eternal happy time would be but now I
know it. That is not to say there can't be other times ahead which
may come close and surely I know the optimist in me will search for
them. But this has been my moment.

With the deepest regard and thanks to all of you and should I have
forgotten a name or two it is simply recollection and not intentional.
My great honor has been to work with all of you, laughed, made
mistakes, saw us elated and despondent but most of all to know you are
my deepest friends and artistic soul mates.


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