Sunday, October 7, 2007


What is this incessant desire to shop all about? Does anyone know if there is a 'shopacoholic' crises club in SL?

And why do I go to the discount/sale and buy a blouse there when I really wanted one of the new items?

I've been throwing everything out of my inventory except for clothes. I use to have them in my closet neatly arranged. Blouses, Lingerie, Dresses, Jeans, Shoes. Now? I've got my whole closet in such a mess I've afraid I'll end up buying the same outfit I have one day.

And shoes.....I can't stop myself. No sooner then I buy a pair and think I have enough I end up looking at shoes I don't have and want. I spent nearly two hours today at Last Call shoe store drooling over various pairs I don't own but want to buy.

Oh, must leave now. I've got a show in one hour. Sunday at 1:30pm (SL time ---is there another?)

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