Thursday, October 25, 2007


How do you manage the two lives we all live now? (and some of you even more!) No matter how similar you've madeSecondLife is to your FirstLife , it is different. For me the crossover point is my personality. I am just as loud and outrageous in FirstLife as SecondLife. But, the differences are huge for me. You all know me as Lauren. And who you know I am. Part of me lives everyday as Lauren. Lauren didn't come alive when SecondLife began. No, she's been with me since consciousness.

So, what part of you has Secondlife allowed voice to? For some I know it's the joyous, vibrant you that has been stifled by bars Firstlife enclosed you in over the years. For others I know it's your deeper soul. For griefers I am not sure what it is at all.

What do all of you mean to me in both firstlife and secondlife? You all share a place in my consciousness and have brought me more joy then I imagined possible.

Now, my soul and body have expanded in such a way that I believe if I am ever to love deeply again. If I am ever to have a partner again. If I am ever to be enthralled again. She will come from Secondlife into FirstLife. She will be someone who knows me here and whom I know as well. She will be someone who enjoys my boisterous behavior. Cares about this side of me as well as me in FirstLife. And, I will know the same about her.

So, why this blog? Because, I believe optimism SecondLife gives us is one each of us should have and deserve. Especially those of you who have a single heart yearning for love as well. We are here together. We are friends forever. We will never except less for our heart. And we deserve more then we ever dreamed and we are worth more then we ever asked for.

I believe in all of you and your dreams. I believe in the love you share is true love. And, I know i am fortunate you are in my life.


Moxie Grumby said...
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Anonymous said...
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Branwen Aabye said...

Lauren you are such a sweetheart and have also brought joy to my life. You have made me realize things that I did not know. I also know that when we talk I can share things with you because you understand. You are a sweet loving soul and I appreciate you for who you are thanks for writing this..MWAH Branwen