Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Could this be October

How did we get to October? So much has happened in SL over these past days. Rehearsals for the Halloween show have been time consuming but fun. A show was cancelled and two new ones scheduled. (I will be doing a show this Sunday, Oct 7th, at 1pm SL time. Will follow up in Lauren Live group this weekend with Slurl.

Had a griefer attack me on Monday night. Spammed me to death. Never understand what the fun is of being a griefer. It's the loneliest way to be on the planet. And, why would you want to make someone feel bad. I just don't get it. SL is a social environment. Griefing is a subculture without merit here. But, I guess these are the people who cram your email with their need to be heard. But such an attitude is one who will not be seen.

My friend Elyse Flannigan has a nightclub, CXIII where the disco music is very hot. I also suggest you should read the latest issue of for two reasons. There is a wonderful article on a truly inspired SL artist. And, (eekee) there is the story I wrote about "Conception, Gestation and Birth in SL"

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