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My friend Josue Habana wrote a piece the other day in response to Karen Myers poorly conceived rant. (you can read her blog here)
and Josue's
(you can read here)

I often don't feel compelled to answer unintelligent negative blogs but this made my Brazilian curl. And even one of the comments got a reply comment from me. Why people have to put down those of us in SecondLife is a reminder of the smallness still surrounding us and the bigotry and hatred seething just below the surface.

Here is my comment to her blog, then a woman's comment and childish reply and my comment to the 'childish reply.'

It is interesting to read a review by someone unqualified to write it. Ms. Myers either found her experience in SL (if she even came in) parallel to her FirstLife and chose to be a prostitute. However, she must have failed at this in the same way her blog fails at depth, understanding or even journalistic integrity. There are many people in SL who create within all the arts. I have bought Firstlife paintings from artists I've met in SecondLife. There are musicians (guess music isn't Karen's thing). And I imagine Ms. Myers chose the batmobile over the poetry, scripting, comedy and dancing. However, Ms. Myers probably watches television, that 2 dimensional avatar world where information is only pushed at her rather then the push/pull world of SecondLife. And, for the record, I have met many of my friends in SecondLife in Firstlife. I've attended plays, concerts, visited their galleries and seen just how talented so many are. Now, Ms Myers, I am not faulting your foray into "Twilight" nor your fantasy of meeting Edward but the rest of us seem to be a bit busy in SecondLife doing real things (like extending our entire lives and reaching out globally in making new friends. Also, I've done numerous benefits in SecondLife raising thousands of dollars for Firstlife causes such as Cancer, Coats for Kids, the Helen Keller Foundation and many more. So, I will leave your great desire to be a journalist with this comment, "I think you may be more qualified as an escort then an explorer."

one other reply:

I am a 55 year old woman who is widowed. I have two grown children and a grandchild. (he's beautiful, BTW) I work full time as a receptionist in a retirement community. I've been there over 20 years. I enjoy reading, movies, and photography. I do yoga and walk as much as I can to ward off the heart disease that runs in my family.

And...oh yes...I have this hobby. It's called Second Life. Please stop insulting me.

the childish reply:

I really liked the article about a second life. I am a middle school teacher and everyone, parents and children, are stuck behind a computor way too much. Get outside, move around find somthing real and productive to do!

Doing somthing make believe is great when you are five but real life can be much more satisfying:)

As to the 55 year old woman, well I am 59 and I feel sorry for you if that's your hobby making believe. Perhaps you should join a literary circle and make some real people contact. I have grandchildren and I go to the park and play, sledding in the snow or take them on nature walks. Most working individuals wouldn't have time for a phoney second life because real life is very demanding.

In conclusion if I want to do somthing I want to really do it, not just pretend, where the self satisfaction in that?

and my reply to her:

It's sad when one person's only way to validate their life is by putting down another. Raising the ante (I'm 59 she's 55) as if to say you are smarter by 4 years is known in all business circles as a small person trying hard to be taken seriously.
You'd have probably advised Ann Frank not to write her diary (confined for 2 years) but get out and join a club. So much of what keeps you alive was created in atmospheres you'd disapprove of.
I'm not sure if your misunderstanding comes from not knowing there is socialization in SecondLife or perhaps the inability for you to be creative (which is not an insult.) Creative people always need readers, watchers, users, followers.
As to your 'most working people,'I have worked for 50 years and am still top in my firstlife business. I have been highly successful (believe me this is accurate and if you need to measure size I'd be happy to) in several other businesses.I travel around the world regularly and will be off to St. Barth's in a couple of weeks. I maintain friends from college to seniors in nursing homes. I could continue with the homes I've built by hand. The songs I've written produced etc. But the most important fact I can leave you with is NOT TO JUDGE others who do no harm. Imagine, your grandchildren wouldn't exist if you hadn't stayed home one day to produce children (when you could have been at a literary club instead of whatever performance art you called your childrens conception.

Happy Peace Day

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Adric said...

You want to avoid dropping the " Brazilian curl" until you are ready to cut your male readers loose.

I am not at all sure what was said after that.