Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Liars and Tiger and Linden Bears, OH MY!

We are just two weeks away from "Valentine's Day" in SecondLife. Do you know where you avie is?

This is an incredible time in SecondLife. There's a dozen roses someone must have made back in 2005 and is copy, modify and transfer. Nothing says I love you like the flowers you gave to your last 5 loves of your 'secondlife.'

And as sure as March comes after February we will be seeing (and hearing) the new babies of SecondLife. Somewhere by the beginning of spring (March 21st) I'll be out shopping and suddenly in Exorcism green will come, "Your baby is growing inside you and is so happy."

But back to Valentines Day. Does anyone know what the "Linden Bear" will be? Does anyone care? Have you made your SL reservations with your paramour? Have you bought the new red dress that Shouted Couture offered for 100 Linden? (that's what I'm going to wear.)

What about new dances? A clean Xcite Hud, never used before? Don't you think she would be so happy knowing your hud had not been to last year's valentine day party? Don't you think she'd rather see a new, not properly colored cock so she'd know it had never been hiding in some other girl's cave?

In firstlife, the week before Valentine's is often 'break-up' time. Why? Because a guy thinks, "I can skate by without a gift and 'make-up' the week after." Girls, you don't think guys think like that? Yes, and disappointment is just another word to say, "I love you."

So, in closing I may not write another blog before I return from vacation on FEB 14th (yes I'll be back for Valentine's Day.) but 'Will you be my Valentine? Apply Inside."

Oh, for comments....please leave your favorite Valentine Day song? The best to dance to. The best to listen to. The best to cry to. The best to say, "No" too.


Orchid said...

When I'm 64 -Beatles

Orchid said...

Old fashioned love song -Three Dog Night