Tuesday, January 5, 2010


2010 - Our own little space odyssey. Just to note Tonight, January 5th at 4:30pm SLT LaurenLive@Treet.TV (sim Tropical Treet - southern end of sim) You'll need to use map to find Lauren's Place.

As we begin a new year and a new decade let us all find new hope and optimism for ourselves and our friends. I am well aware how many of my friends in SecondLife and the entire digital universe suffer from financial stress and physical aliments. We have shared some of our deepest fears and our most profound joys.

(Now, I have to be careful here since if Crap reads this she will definitely do a robotic vomit but what can I say.)

I attended a meeting on Sunday hosted by "World2Worlds". Although it covered many areas of avatar life and soul I found many of the avatars don't allow themselves a 'true view' of who they are. I accept the fact that a vast majority of people are simply trying to find a way to cope with life itself by limiting the larger realm of truth.

And, I also accept that I have pushed the envelope so wide that perhaps I need a larger and more flexible envelope.

However, when I hear avatars say they are exactly who they are in firstlife and or women who have, often used, male avie alts and vice versa make such "exactly the same person," comments I feel they aren't allowing others to see who they are for many reasons. But also, I think their own fear of nonacceptance sends out camouflaged conversation.

And so to the point. If you have an avatar and use it frequently you are more then what you are in firstlife. Example, a full sized woman age 50 has a 28 year old Barbie shaped avatar she associates a part of herself as that avatar so she can't say she is 'exactly' who she is in firstlife and secondlife.

A woman who has a male avatar to enhance her fashion blog and says she has no associated sensory masculinity is hiding a truth. Once you create an avatar that no longer represents your age or gender or shape or in any other way is NOT exactly who you are in firstlife a metamorphosis occurs. You may want to deny it for safety sake but believe me you'd never pass a newly minted psychiatrist with the malarkey of stating 'no change'.

I write this blog so that each of you who read understand the expansion your having chosen an avatar has brought your mind. To understand that even if you have only made an avatar that is younger then the physical you, you've made a private statement on aging. But, I have yet to meet an avatar so single faceted. In fact, the avatars I know have expanded their souls. Some by doing things they never would have thought of as just firstlifers. Others by having beliefs, concepts, attitudes so radically changed there is no longer a world for them without their avatar (and/or alts) to accompany them.

The meeting Sunday with "World2Worlds" was a truly amazing show but at the same time it barely scratched the surface of "Who we are as avatars and How does it affect our Firstlives." Do not deny yourself the joy of what you have created because you fear the witch hunts of Salem but instead embrace the journey.

"Open the Pod Bay doors Hal."


Mister Crap said...

I am just as I am in first life as I am in second life.


Because it has nothing to do with physical form or presentation.

It's all MIND.

(Please refer to Frank Zappa's song "What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body?" for reference.)


Lauren said...

Well, I accept that Mister Crap but your avatar did change your perception of self just as puberty did. I just find people talking as if they haven't grown (call that change)is foolish. But hey, physical form does make perception or we'd all still be on MIRC