Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Whinning on Wine

I found the wine article "A Hint of Hype" in the Wall Street Journal Weekend addition so true. Over the years I have enjoyed many fine bottles of wine (fortunately not at the expense of my own wallet very often.) Usually I have reserved my judgment for private reflection rather then make a public outcry to the phoniness of the rating system and even more often the phoniness of those who believe they are the great purveyors of wine truth sitting at the dinner table.

I've learned besides the truly occasional odd vinegars wines take on a wildness of their own. (one of my outbursts was over a rare vintage Petrus I found undrinkable. I think it's the most expensive bottle of wine ever poured down the drain by the chagrined host and I didn't have my blond shield on that time.)

Wine experience malfunctions:
Did you brush your teeth within the last 2 hours?
Do you have a cold?
What was the wine served with?
Did you have a drink prior?
Did she amuse your eyes before the bottle came?
Was the 20 year old Cabernet served at your 20th Anniversary soon to be forgotten party? And on and on.

In fact, from deep within my subjective outpouring cellar of thought, only one wine has ever stood the test of my 40 years of consumption and it's a desert wine. D'Yquem has never let me down as long as it's been aged long enough and I've been just tipsy enough by desert.

(ok, not the typical blog but then again I'm not your typical blond)

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Josue Habana said...

The funny thing about me and wine is that I always tend to prefer mid range... someone gives me a ludicrously expensive bottle and I find myself frequently, hugely underwhelmed!!

And yes, Lauren... I was hugely impressed by your vino post... and there was me thinking your specialist area was shoes! ;-))