Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moxy Barracuda On Stage In First LIfe

Last night I went to see the play "Outward Bound" by Sutton Vane. Although the play was written 75 years ago it was incredible today. Amazing how well acted it was and the wonderful way it was presented with a simple set that imparted all the feel of being on that ship.

You should know Moxy had a starring role. He was tremendous. The play is 3 Acts with 2 intermissions and I still didn't want it to be over when it was. Moxy listed in his credits performing in SecondLife. He listed his role as Puck in MSND . He also listed his performing as Moxy Barracuda the musician and most of you probably don't know he's not just 'an accomplished musician' but he's also a member of the Intl. Brotherhood of Magicians.

I can only wish all of his SL friends and fans had been there last night to see him perform. The theater was packed with regular theatergoers and they were simply thrilled. you. My hat's off. Your charm was evident (he played a Reverend) and your joy of the production was felt as well as your fellow actors.

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