Monday, November 23, 2009


Now I guess this doesn't happen to you but it sure blonds' me out. Last week there was an email about embedding Treet.TV video onto your web page. There had been technical problems with the embedding code or something.

So, this email begins with one person explaining 'how to do' and then it happened. The dreaded email reply of novel length. The reply must have been a 1,000 words and I was lost before I got to the period in the second sentence.

This email elicited numerous replies each of technical manual length. I tried to read them but my white space was more in focus. Has that happened to you where you can believe the length of an email so you just read a few adjectives and delete? I'm not talking Spam. No, these are emails you should be concerned about but your brain cells are popping like firecrackers on your front lawn.

Each reply is as if the author is saying, "if you think you are erudite this email should prove you aren't."

And now (I did not create the following line but I do like it) it's like hearing, " Why don't you Twitter My Space, I'll Wave back and then you can Google all over my Facebook."

You can connect all of this together and get Sparkle for your Iphone eventually creating havoc on your reasoning abilities not to say anything about how you can't remember what to get when you're in the Supermarket (if you can even GPS your way there.)

Oh, and while we are on all of this Helter Skelter I noticed the other day there is a pad you can put your chargeable devices on so you don't need a three hundred socket outlet. But, I thought, if they can do that then why can't I just walk into my house and my little electrical friends simply get their personal electric fix from the charged air waves.

Next, each device will start to Twitter each other and we can finally find peace. Emails we can't understand will go to Spam. And finally our Metaverse will be a Betterverse for blonds.

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