Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Month In SecondLife

I decided to take the month of July off from performing.

(The way guys in SL go through women I think one of them should write a book called, "A Month With Betty." --see "A Month in Provence". It's a book not a sim. Are there still books? Who are those Amazon people anyhow?)

A month off (well 3 weeks so far) and I have gone shopping...and shopping...and shopping and dancing...listening to various singers and shopping..BUT...BUT...What has been the most fun?

One is being a member of NPIRL and reading the blog (just google NPIRL). This month I was thrilled to visit the new installation by Bryn Oh. If you haven't gone.....you really should...(you can find info, lm etc on that blog.)

But the other day I went to visit the new Sin Continent. Yes Mommy, they still have sex in SL but they are moving it to a new fresh continent so the rest of us don't have to get STD (SecondLife Temerity Disease).

I decided to travel by motorcycle. SinWorld is over 200 sims with roads and 'amuse bouche'. A pun of course but you could Google "amuse bush' if you need to.

Governor Linden is the largest Sin sim owner but i found a tiny spot in one sim toward SouthWest corner) where I could rez something...my famous motorcycle. And it was there I convinced Bryn Oh to join me on our exploration.

Sin and the Single girls.,..In order to get to the first road I had to engage flight controls on my cycle and carefully maneuver around the red barrier and a no sim area. (why are there 'red barriers' in adult land?) But get there I did (because if you crash you must start from the same place). I could drive over fields and on roads...all over the continent. With Bryn as my navigator we traveled from the eastern most shores to the west coast. We rode the streeets of the northern cities and sped over the vast plains of prairie grass sims we came across without crashing.

Sims to the left of us, Sims to the right of us. Rode SecondLife's Thelma and Louise.. Sometimes we had to turn to a different heading but in the end we traveled over a 100 sims (maybe 150 or more) without a crash. (Well, we crashed once at the beginning but not after that). Clothing stores crammed with sexy little prim outfits from early 2005 were sprouting up everywhere. Cages, collar and pose balls from yesteryear yearned to be tried.

But the new item that caught my attention (which may well be 'not so new') was the Lotus Pussy 2.0, a real revolutionary pussy. It still had all the good things from 1.0 like peeing, climaxing, creampies. But there was a new HUD where you can attempt to color match your new pussy to your skin. I was sure this item was in need of a proper girl's consumer report so I bought it. (review to come later)

Back to the thrill......on we traveled Lauren & Bryn. Here's an interesting question regarding my travels...after 100 plus sims....I couldn't move so I logged off and logged back on. My motorcycle was still there and I sat on it and it worked. I didn't have to rez a new cycle (therefore I don't consider the circumstance a crash.) Bryn also relogged at one point due to an 'out of world' experience. And so our journey proved something had changed in SL. The "Kessel Run" had been well surpassed (which means some type of scripting had changed Punky Puglist told me) If you are unfamiliar with the "Kessel Run" I suggest you google it as SL. It was taken from Star Wars and applied to an epic event in SL that only Arcadia ever completed (i believe).

Oh, about the new Lotus 2.0 pussy....do you really want to know? Should I write a review from an unwed mother of secondlife's POV?


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