Wednesday, May 13, 2009

SecondLife - Multiple Marriages

Here's a wonderful SecondLife poem by my dear friend Josue Habana

Second Life - Multiple Marriages

Another dreaded invite,
For another dreaded do,
Must you marry all the time
And make me suffer too?
I don’t sit there cooing,
I am mostly AFK,
Or looking through inventory,
And throwing things away.
The first time was ok, I guess,
The second not so bad.
The third and fourth were kind of dull,
The fifth and sixth quite sad.
Seven was the worst, I think.
Eight and nine I missed!
Ten was fairly funny,
As I turned up really pissed!
I slept right through eleven,
Think I slept through twelve as well.
Thirteen, that was the longest
And fourteenth was just Hell.
Before you go through fifteen,
Please just heed the words I say,
You’re not obliged to marry
Every av that looks your way!

Josue Habana

1 comment:

Doran said...

I love that poem. ironically, the only trouble is, marriage sucks, and that lists all the reasons why ;)