Thursday, March 19, 2009

It's Been To Long Since Last Spring

It's been to long since I've written and so many great things have happened in both lives (and of course there has been some drama in friends lives. Also some hardships. But, today I'd like to get in the mood of JOY!

Last night I wandered over with four of my gf's to the clothing fair. Just to keep things on a even keel I tp'd in a male friend of mine who took the obligatory shopping mall chair and waited for us girls to shop.

Off we went strolling, from store to store, looking at what as good and what was bad. My friend V was looking for 'what was bad,' since she kept calling us to come look at this and each time it turned out to be a man. It became obvious V. was more looking to get out of her old clothes and into a new bf then finding the right spring fashion.

Prior to our shopping spree (yes I bought to much but at least I have the shoes) I had done my Wednesday Open Mic and then my friend JWheels had put together a comedy show. After doing my part the next comedian got up and started his act. I am not sure where an audience is for someone who uses a f word as the core of a sentence and modified only by putting down women.

I know I do a lot of jokes about men but believe me I think men are great. I don't PUT down any gender, race, etc. and this comedians constant poor taste was obvious by the ewwww's and tp's out during his show.

So, I just tp'd out and went shopping. I was so happy with our little shopping group I stayed in world longer then I planned. It was wonderful. During these past months it has been my friends and my shopping consoling me through the difficult maze of first life.

SecondLife can be the joy we all seek when we need it or be the drama we don't need. I choose JOY.....The joy of my friends. The joy of my new dress. The joy of comfortable boots. And the JOY of knowing it's SPRING where I live.

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Terry/Marin said...

You are a giver of joy too. Thank you my friend for persuading me to stay in Second Life.