Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Time of The Year!

In one way or another, nearly everyone of us will be caught up in the holidays ahead. But, this is a year where there will be many of us stretched to our financial and emotional limits as well.

The kids come home and your house is in an uproar. The kids don't come home and your house feels empty. There are no kids to come home...not sure how to feel about this.

Shopping. I seem to look at the magazines and see all the things I would love to have but can't afford. Or the things I would buy and can afford but I think the price is too much (make that fun food items. Like a salami gentil from Fra Maji or the Chocolate Creams.

The Christmas tree au natural. I gave this up after the divorce because it's easier to get a plastic one to stand upright. Also, I like plastic, it adds that American Christmas touch. Christmas cards have become electronic and don't really fit on the mantel I don't have.

So, you probably think, "Yikes, Lauren sounds pretty scroogy." But that's not true at all. I want to share the joy of my Christmas ahead. 

My two 'child-adults' will probably come over on Christmas Day. (Well I'm sure my daughter but my son probably won't.) Whatever happens I will miss Christmas morning but I will still have a lovely time with them. Perhaps Christmas lunch.

Christmas music will play through my home (think O Holy Night). My plastic tree will shimmer bright with an angel on top and at some time during the day I'll

Come into SecondLife and find everything but the smell of pine, cinnamon and fire wood burning. However, the greatest joy of all will be those of you I see on Christmas Day and those of you and my firstlife friends I'll think about.

So, I know there are others of you with even a more difficult Christmas Day in firstlife....so come join me during the day at Lula's "WinterWonderLand" . All Day....skating is free...so are the skates.

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