Wednesday, December 17, 2008

2009 - Where Now!

We are all coming into a year with lots of baggage from last year. Please leave your bags at the door when it opens at 12:01am (wherever you are).

Things to leave behind
1. romance gone bad (hehe this can make good potting soil)
2. worthless investments (you will have an opportunity to fail again)
3. negativity (you'll get a new supply in the new year)
4. Guys: those old torn up underwear Dolls: the outfit you know sucks
5. false beliefs in politicans
6. chipped nails
7. ugly photos you haven't burned yet.
8. the oldest item in your refrigerator.
9. expenses that do not bring joy (crappy mags etc)

A great idea for New Year's matter where you are....get a helium balloon for each person with you this night. Two blank pieces of paper per person. A pen. A fireplace or a pot (outside). Matches.

Around 11pm have everyone write down what they wish to leave behind, crumple paper and burn them all together. The past goes up in Smoke. Then at 11:30 have everyone write down what they wish 2009.

 Before midnight fold paper and tie (oh yes string sorry) to string to midnight...let them go...up into the sky carrying your dreams and then you will turn them at year end to memories.

If this seems a little "Martha Stewart"  I remind you, I am much prettier.

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