Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Has Sprung

Girls it's time for us to put away our winter clothes and get out our spring dresses. You know what that need to get in shape for SecondLife bikini weather that is just around the corner.

1. Slide bar left (to fit bikini)
2. Shave, Wax, Moisturize
3. Get a new hair style (see below)
4. Get colorful with your clothes and makeup.
5. Don't get pregnant (summer is a terrible time to be in your second or third trimester)

No more eating cake at weddings. No more "I'll just eat the whole box of chocolates." No more, "It's only a pint of ice cream."

Things I'd love to know from those who read this blog.

1. your favorite place to go dance.
2. your favorite sim to go relax

Since I'm going out-of-town till Monday I need to keep this brief but I want you all to know I carry each of you in my heart no matter where I am. And everyday when you are working hard in firstlife either at a job or simply trying your best to get through the travails of life remember let the 'Pixel Power Be With You."

Oh drat, I have to call my stylist and get my prim blond hair colored. I just hate how quickly SL prim hair grows and how expensive the particle dye is. Ooops! Dare I look below?

1 comment:

Lore said...

My fav place to dance? The Leonard Cohen Club for sure...and NO! I am not biased, because I am the Co-Owner ;) ( )

Sim to relax? Shoe shopping is relaxing for me, so think about a good shoe shop and you know where I relax ;)