Friday, February 26, 2010

Ups and Downs

This blog is really about Lushae Jewelry and that's the big up but more on Lushae in a moment.

Both happened yesterday. Last night I competed in the Third World Asylum comedy contest and I did not win. Am I a bit emotional about losing....yes. But, it also taught me a valuable lesson. Whether my comedy is better or not is not why I do it. It's because I hope I make you laugh. You are why I perform coupled with my joy (read that blond bimbo ego). So, I've decided I will not take part in any comedic contests ever again (I compete enough in firstlife) nor will I perform before, during or after another comic. Instead I will remain independent and hope LaurenLive will continue into it's Fourth Year this June.

Now for the big UP!

Last night I received an email right after I performed. It was from Sarah of Lushae Jewelers (a firstlife company) asking if I would be willing to try one of her pieces and if I liked it to put it in my blog. Now there is nothing a girl likes more then jewelry. (well I guess there are plenty of other things but jewels are good.)

So, I want you all to help me choose and if any of you buy something please let me know what you think of it. Right now I'm stuck on the pendant page The link is the one above or follow this

I am really torn between so many of these pieces. Which should I try?
Leaf and Aqua Marquise
Antique Fleur De Lis
CZ Palm Tree Pendant
Summer Bouquet
(OMG I could list six more I love)
There are Dangle Earrings,Jingle Dangles CZ Earrings
Sterling Silver Flower Bud Sterling Silver Princess Studs , Rings 9 pages worth (forget the promise rings I've already been married so that's out)


And when it arrives it will be so thrilling to open up the box and see Sarah's work and of course to write a blog on the actual piece. THIS IS MY BIG in an incredible way I won last night.

Oh, and thank you all so much for coming last night


Mister Crap said...

Pffft... I didn't even know about this competition, so what does it say about my material, eh? (Although, if you used any of mine, must have been the timing. ;)

Home turf and a familiar crowd helps put points on the board. When its not your usual stage, even the unfamilar shape of the glass they put your water in can feel like a stumbling block.

Know what's more fun that trying to win a competition?

Intentionally trying to lose it.

Enter again, and then go Andy Kauffman on 'em. Blow their minds and make them sweat in their seats with confusion.


Terry said...

Big hugs. You are ALWAYS a winner in my book! I haven't been to a show in a while, but I always love your shows.

As for the jewelry... that stuff is AWESOME! From the ones you mentioned, I really love the summer bouquet pendant ( I could see you in that), and the jingle jangle earrings are wonderful.

Eva Manhattan said...

The Leaf and Aqua Marquise piece just screams you....I thought that before I even saw that you had listed it as one of your faves. But the jingle dangle earrings are awful cute too!

Good luck and whatever you choose I am sure will look stunning on you.

Lots of Love,
Eva Manhattan

Chestnut Rau said...

I got this request from LuShae Jewelry as well but I figured it was spam. Why would a RL jeweler give avatars jewelry??

Maybe I got it wrong and now I am missing out on some fab jewelery.