Sunday, November 9, 2008

SecondLife Horoscope

Your SL Horoscope for week of November 9th -November 16th

Scorpio (23 October-21 November) - Your stars are in the zodiac of Love. Before Christmas you will fall in love with dark handsome furry and will live in a forest sim happy and sexually particled.

Sagittarius (22 November-21 December) - This is your lucky week find an old Zyngo machine, enter dance contests. You will find Lindens filling your pockets just like you probably found tons of Lindens on the money trees when you first logged on.

Capricorn (22 December-20 January) - the stars looks a misty for you. You will meet an old lover as his/her alt, a noobie, be careful for twice burned is a script too hot for you.

Aquarius (21 January-19 February) beware of tp’s, especially at night, this is the time of the month when you could lose your hair or even find a shoe up your butt.

Pisces (20 February-20 March) Yes, he/she does think about you. And that special man or woman does talk about you in IM with his/her friends. You should visit Xcite soon and get a SexGen bed too.

Aries (21 March-20 April) this is a great time of year for you to go shopping. For you ladies, your stars will lead you to bargains and keep you from buying prim skirts that don’t fit. For the gents, perhaps you can find a new skin to turn the girls on with.

Taurus (21 April-21 May) stars seem to be pointing towards a little bit of weight loss is in order. Go into appearance and slide bar left.

Gemini (22 May-21 June) remember last year, because your sign repeats this year, and you could once again leave your talk button on while talking on the phone with your boyfriend/girlfriend about last night’s sexual escapade as your SL partner sits nearby listening.

Cancer (22 June-22 July) this is not the time for you to go to unknown sims since you will be banned and ejected without your knowing why.

Leo (23 July-22 August) how many times do the stars need to remind you that you need a new shape, a new skin and new animations or you will remain lonely in SL.

Virgo (23 August-21 September) pick up some dance animations, buy a new ball gown, go to that romantic dance place you’ve wanted to go but didn’t because you feel awkward going alone. Don’t forget to wear your Stiletto Moody’s and a smile because love is in the air and he will be there. And guys, you may find her later with her Stiletto's pointing up to the stars.

Libra (22 September-22 October) - Yes, your particles will be exciting and he/she will delight in them so make sure you’ve cleared your cache before you go out tonight

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