Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Virtual Girls and Real Men

It was bound to happen and what does it mean to us girls? Today in the Wall Street Journal comes a story from Japan (often a leader in future virtual worlds) about real men dating virtual women. I am not talking about SecondLife. Nope, these are little digital girls (I guess a bit like ozimals who can talk) on Nintendo DS game "Love-Plus+"™

These love girls are actually cute cartoon schoolgirls so before the school year begins the men are taking them on a romantic vacation (in firstlife). YES....YES...AND MORE YES....the men are renting hotel rooms (some actually renting an extra room for their lovely virtual girlfriend.) All of this since next week the girls will be in class (whatever that means? Are they going to Rockcliff University?)

Konami™ is the game creator. But, it's the choice of three girls that make this happen. There's the Manaka, Rinko, Nene. Each has a differently personality. To read more about this go to the article in the Wall Street Journal Wall Street Journal Article 

Anyhow, if Japanese men can spend a $1,000 on a weekend with their Konami™girlfriend I think we girls in SL are just to 'inexpensive'.

Got to love the virtual world

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Skylar Smythe said...


I dunno. It's got me thinking. The next time some hot programmer or machinimatographer hits on me... I'm insisting he takes me shopping to Stilleto Moody's first...

$2000L is a steal by comparison... what is that... like $9 USD?