Monday, July 5, 2010

Where in The World is Lauren

Don't want any of you to think I'm gone. I just needed some time to shape up my handler in  firstlife We've been playing tennis, exercising, cooking, working and I've been thinking of a new show for August. (he's not so good at thinking but he's a man so I forgive him.)

For the past three years I've performed in SecondLife thanks to all of you and I felt I needed to weed out the good material from the bad. Also, my handler's body needed a major overhaul. Here I was in SecondLife watching what I was eating and keeping my figure tight and low body fat while he was
eating at the computer and thinking typing was an exercise.
So last month a crazy thing happened. I got to look out of SecondLife and see my handler. I was ashamed to go out with him and told him to shape up or I'd find another handler.

Anyhow, he got the message and by August (SLCC-Boston) he will look OK....not great mind you. But what do you expect? Look what I'm working with.

Dear friends, family and supporters I miss you and I'll be back soon.

Love Lauren 

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Skylar Smythe said...

We miss you too...