Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Summertime in SecondLife finds many avatars let their handlers go out in Firstlife and gather enough Vitamin D to make it through the future winter.

My handler has been growing tomatoes, beans, herbs, squash and other non-prim/sculptie objects.

Interesting when I've gotten in-world I've had several friends from over a year ago wander in and say hello and many friends away.

Update - my last two shows (possibly until late August) since I am taking performing off for the month of July - are
 June 19th - 9pm SLT Helen Keller - if you've never been before this is an incredible event.
June 21st - 6pm SLT SecondLife 7 Birthday - This will be filmed so brush your hair.

But, I will be back on the blog scene discussing the constant complaints about SecondLife and why the BP Oil spill may come to a sim near you.

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Hope to see you soon.