Wednesday, May 5, 2010

When SL Bores You what do you do?

This interesting question was posed to me the other night. We've all become bored at some point in SL. For some it's a reason to say, "I'm quitting SL" as if doing so will get to the root of why you got bored in SL.

Boredom has many tentacles.
  a. Close friends suddenly find another outlet for time they spent with you.
  b. A love connection finally goes dead
  c. Looking at the screen tires your eyes.
  d. Nothing seems new and exciting anymore
  e. You existenialize your SL
  f. You find a cure 

But, as in any life it's up to you to re-spark. And there are many ways to do this either in SL or even out.

One sure way to get rid of SL Boredom is to turn on regular TV. That will have you running back into SL faster then you probably want.
Another way, in world, is to simply start off on a new expedition or experience. This can be done by simply searching for something in SL you've never thought of before. (ie. Churchs, comedy -- oops they both start with C and they are both funny.) I have a friend who has created a major bunny plantation. If you had asked her would she do this she may have said 'no.' But she's having a whole new SL fun experience.

Go role-play in a group you didn't think you were interested in. Think of SL like a partner and sometimes let your partner open up new worlds for you.

If you are bored right now I suggest you go see "Alice in WonderSLand" which is a play by the Avatar Repertory Theater Company. (contact Avajean Westland or just go to XStreet and buy the tickets).

Look at your friends list.....there must be someone there you haven't spent time with but yet you made friends. Contact them and see what they are enjoying.

Most important to me is SecondLife is my life just as FirstLife is. I neither can nor want to escape either of them. I will forever be exploring new places, revisiting old and enjoying friends. 

Later I must go in-world and see if there is a sim called "Boredom"

Love, Lauren


The Guerilla Poetess said...

Yep. I log an alt and go on a jaunt and meet new people. It's a great way to feel renewed and to see things you haven't seen.

It's easy to get stuck in a rut in any life... depends on the person and how hungry they are for new experiences :)

Pam Judi said...

I go through my friends list and check their favourite places, I have to use an alt though to avoid IMs from friends!!