Monday, April 19, 2010

FirstLife vs SecondLife

FL - Carry-on luggage has an additional charge and the size keeps getting smaller (airplane)
SL - Take your entire inventory with you when you fly or teleport.

don't you prefer having all 3,000 of your dresses and 3,000 pair of shoes with you when you travel. Only in SL is that possible. You can take your fine jewelry with you and not worry about losing it.

FL - monthly credit card statement
SL - pay as you go

You can't buy something in SL unless you have the Lindens so there is no tears with a monthly statement. And remember, it's not your spending in SL that's a problem, it's the monthly statement you get in FirstLife.

FL - diet, exercise, eat no sugar, eat no fat and still you look like a People Magazine reject.
SL - eat all the SecondLife chocolates. Enjoy the Southern Fried chicken. Slide bar left.

Okay this should be real simple thought. If you can't figure out which is better you don't need bleach.

FL - Divorce is a lengthy and costly experience.
SL - De-partnering is 25L and you don't even have to talk to him to get it done.

In Firstlife the fight over the dog is way too much and when he says, "do you know how much I spent on you," especially at the wrong time of the month looking for the hammer in his tool kit is way too much energy expended on a jerk. But, in SecondLife you may still be emotionally broken but you can immediately go out clubbing and not worry about the weight you gained during the relationship.

FL - You find the perfect skirt and the right shoes to go with the outfit you've been putting together but they don't have your size.
SL - The store is never out of your size.

There's even more delightful aspects of this. You can alter your clothing right away and be at the ball the same night. And should you find yourself at his house the next morning with your dress crumpled on the floor you can simply get HOME and you don't have to worry if you took your makeup off and you don't need to send the dress to the dry cleaners which in FirstLife could cost you $50 (unless you were wearing suede, then it will cost you the same price you paid for the skirt to have it cleaned.)

Remember these few thoughts the next time you are complaining about the problems of SecondLife. SecondLife will always have issues but so does FirstLife. Both should be viewed for their joys and the nice thing is, what doesn't work in FirstLife usually does in SecondLife.

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The Guerilla Poetess said...

Hahaha. I just eat the fried chicken and never adjust the slider bar. I don't mind being the fat one in the online family... you carb phobes!

xo Skylar